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CApt. mike:

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My name is Jim McDonald. We've never met, but have in common the fact that we all served at Utapao. I was there 7/69-7/70, with the 635th Supply Sq.
My info:

During that time, the 635th SPS was recruiting  from other units to walk perimeter guard duty - "augmentee duty" as they called it - and I got tapped for it. 2 weeks riding and walking and laying around the perimeter.

I have since developed many AO related illnesses due to direct exposure to the herbicide, for which I am filing a claim with the VA. The military the Ve and the DOD have finally admitted using it around the perimeters of the base. The burden of proof of direct exposure was placed on me by them. I intend to do just that.

If you were required to serve as an "augmentee" during your time there would you please write a paragraph or so for me stating so? Also, if you have any knowledge of the use of AO on the base please mention it too.

I hope you are healthy and have fond memories of Utapao. It wasn't all bad.

(Sgt.) Jim McDonald
635th Supply Squadron
635th Combat Support Group
U-tapao RTNAF Thailand