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Opening up Recon of Western Cambodia. A typical look at
Special Operations Missions from U-Tapao RTAFB, Thailand,
to Sihanoukville, Angkor Wat, and Battambang, Cambodia.

June-July 1970

Cambodia Missions
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monkey hotel ov-10

Capt. Monkey Hotel mounted for opening
Western Cambodia aerial reconnaissance.

U-Tapau OV-10s

Recon Operations Center, U-Tapao, Thailand,
with 3 of NKP's OV-10 FAC aircraft.
shadow on ocean

OV-10 shadow on the ocean on low altitude, high-speed
approach to the port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
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Sihanoukville Docks

Port of Sihanoukville docks. I had briefed Lt. Gen Stewart, SAC DCI,
and the CINCSAC, on this facility with SR-71 photography at 85,000 feet.
Now I was seeing it at a couple hundred.
buzzing hotel

Buzzing the hotel at Sihanoukeville above the port.
On the first pass, we looked level into the windows from 100 yards at full speed!
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Cambodian plains
Not the Serengeti in Africa: the plains of
Central Cambodia.
Angkor Wat from a safe distance. We drew small arms
fire but no response permitted: rules of engagement with
an 8th Wonder of the World.
High Altitude recon

"High Altitude" recon around the Tonle Sap near Angkor Wat.
Pilot, Capt. Bill Justice, operating out of Pleiku days later, was shot down by ground fire
on July 3rd at Sre Mat on the Tonle Srepok River, eastern Cambodia.
chasing buffalo

 Chasing Water Buffalo by OV-10
in Cambodia with Capt. Bill Justice.
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4th of July
, 1970 over Western Cambodia. A Cambodian Army radioman wished
our country "Happy Birthday to America" as we passed over his remote outpost.
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Battambang: Cambodia's second largest city.
We went in to take a peek at who controlled it.
flooded airfield defenses

More fast-and-low-level: Battambang airfield.
Occupied defenses did not fire on us. All calm.

jungle river near Thai border

Jungle river near the Thai border. Wild and
beautiful country near mission's end.

Capt. Mike