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capt mike mic

The "Real Capt. Mike" served as Special Intelligence Briefing Officer to
three Commanders-in-Chief of the Strategic Air Command and as a
Special Operations officer in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and the Viet Nams.

Capt. Mike (Michael Kenneth Hemp) Bio

* * *

NEW! Special Operations Mission into Laos

* * *

NEW! Special Operations: Opening Western Cambodia Recon by OV-10 from U Tapao

* * *

"Cowboys in Laos"
(Capt. Monkey Hotel in "Campaign Headgear")

"T" in the River Mekong (Laos Air-Vets will know this spot)

"Hard Rice"

Opening OV-10 Western Cambodia aerial reconnaissance from U Tapao, Thailand

"High Altitude Recon" by OV-10 near Angor Wat, Cambodia
(Pilot Bill Justice, KIA 1970)

Long Tien, LS 20A, Laos 
(A page out of "Terry and the Pirates...")

On the deck at Long Tien

Wat Long Tien

New! Beer Drinking Sun Bears under the Air America Hooch!

New! Mission strategy with Black Lion.

New! With Will Green ("Black Lion") and an ass-hole Lt. Col
who jumped into my picture with him.

Unmarked C-130 outbound

Last Mission day
(NKP, Nov. 1970) The tiger suit zipper's "short ribbon" is off a Chivas Regal
and gets clipped shorter every mission until you're "Out"

Laos Links:

Map of Laos (intense graphic detail by area)
from Jim Henthorn's Viet Nam page

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